Four Critical Real Property Decisions Speeds the Probate Process

The death of a parent or close family member is never easy no matter how old they are or how mature you may be. When my Mom passed away after a long illness, I had mixed emotions. While relieved she was not suffering any longer, I grieved her loss. Someone said to me, at that time, “No matter how old you are, you’re never ready to lose a parent or close family member.”

So true and even more so when there’s Real Property, multiple siblings and the need to go into probate.

As a Probate Trust Properties Specialist, I’ve seen far too many cases where hidden grief and the need to make Real Property decisions collide resulting in delays and family drama.

Probate Attorneys know that when Real Property goes into the probate process, siblings are tossed into an incredibly stressful situation. Hopefully, they engage an attorney that has significant experience in probate. Once engaged, the Probate Attorney may be end up spending more time dealing with old festering family feuds then working to process the estate administration.

  • The sale price range they will all accept
  • Selling or keeping the property as a rental
  • Who gets what from the household processions clearing out the property
  • The best time to sell the property based on market and other considerations

Want to find out more about of how Jerry Friedman works directly with probate attorneys and their clients to quickly resolve real property decisions without wasting the attorney’s time, Contact me direct.

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