Selling Probate Properties

The sale of a residential or commercial property during the probate process has many more issues than a standard sale where the homeowner is still alive. A probate sale means that the person who owned the property has since died and the personal representative must undertake efforts to sell the property during the probate process.

As a specialized Probate Trust Realtor that understands the process, my team and I work with you and your attorney to get the best sale price for the property while ensuring that that the court requirements are being met; that the sale meets the conditions outlined by the court, the Will or the Code and that the sale is conducted efficiently.

Saying the sale process is complex is an understatement. Probate sales are filled with legal requirements. You, as a grieving heir, need not concern yourself with the numerous details because my team works with your attorney to ensure all court ordered requirements are meet on time.


We put special emphasis on marketing the property so that bids may be submitted to the court in time and with all required paperwork. Often we are allowed to submit overbids during the court confirmation process hearing. Accepting any overbid means the heirs will receive more than the asking price if all required guidelines have been met as mandated by the court.


We understand the nuances of the probate procedure.


At Jerry Friedman & Associates we work with each stakeholder to communicate clearly within timing guidelines. We make sure all parties understand what is required to meet the guidelines and receive the best price for the property.

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