The Legal requirements associated with a probate or trust sale along with family emotions mix together into a stew of uncertainty. Jerry Friedman, your specialized Probate Trust Realtor, working closely with your attorney, off loads the hassle and stress associated with unplanned property sales. He partners with your attorney ensuring timely compliance with all sale legal requirements.

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What We Do


Probate is a lengthy court proceeding that involves selling real property after a death. Jerry Friedman & Associates works with you and partners with your attorney to determine what type of probate proceedings are available and whether you can avoid court proceedings.

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Having a trusted real estate professional to guide you through the sales process can help to ensure a smooth and efficient trust administration. A trustee does have certain duties and responsibilities to the beneficiaries of a Trust.

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  • My experience with working with Jerry Friedman as a broker is that he will work passionately to get it sold and get the escrow closed. As a referring Estate Planning Attorney, I appreciate that.

    Marshall Oldman

  • Jerry assisted my firm in handling a complicated and difficult sale by a trust. Jerry did an extraordinary job locating multiple buyers in a very short amount of time who were willing to close quickly. Jerry is a consummate expert at probate and trust sales. “Jerry’s Tenacity, passion for his work, and willingness to “go above and beyong” for his clients are a rarity in the brokerage community and makes Jerry an absolute pleasure to work with. I could not recommend him more highly.

    Sandra L. Mallory, ESQ.

  • Jerry Friedman is very attentive to the needs of the clients and the attorneys. He’s very cognizant of the things that we’re doing and he’s really willing to work with us especially with difficult transactions

    Leroy A. Williams, Esq.

  • He’s diligent and relentless in his follow-up with a Real Estate Transaction. As a Tax Attorney, when I refer Jerry Friedman to a client, I don’t have to worry and that’s important to me.

    Bruce Givner

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