Jerry Friedman

About Us

Jerry’s specialized Probate and Trust knowledge combined with his compassionate, sensitivity differentiates him from a generalized Realtor.  Nothing builds confidence faster than his years of experience selling Probate and Trust properties. Jerry’s clients also receive the benefit of his in-depth knowledge of mortgage banking.

Jerry has facilitated family members with diverse hidden agendas to come to agreement, making the sale of the property more peaceful. One of the Jerry’s commitments is that all family members are delighted with the sale price he negotiates. That’s because Jerry is known for achieving the highest possible sale price for the property. More often than not he gets the property sold for more than published market price.

Probate Trust Properties has the flexibility and proactive partnership with your attorney and the entire sales team to be responsive to unforeseen demands and requirements. That is one reason we offer a number of selling services not usually associated with a planned property sale.

You get your call answered by a live human being with direct access to the answers you need. Our motto: “If we don’t know the answer or have it at our fingertips, we find it and get it to you post haste.”

Our mission is to complete the sale with a smile on your face and a referral in our hand.

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Team Members

Jennifer Harcourt, Administrative Assistant

Jennifer Harcourt has been buying and selling real estate since 1978! Balancing a life in Real Estate with teaching, and small business management has given Jennifer the opportunity to see all sides of an issue and think outside of the box! Jennifer handles transactions as an Administrative Assistant for Jerry Friedman and Associates.

Lisa Arturo, Transaction Coordinator

Lisa is a licensed real estate agent. Prior to entering the real estate field, Lisa spent 20 years in the corporate world managing large insurance clients in the healthcare industry. Lisa understands the importance of client satisfaction and attention to detail and brings her 20 years of corporate experience to every transaction she handles.