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For the past 22 years, Jerry has focused on selling Probate, Trust and Conservatorship residential and commercial real estate properties. With every real estate transaction, he increases knowledge and refines his skills in this emotionally charged market, working closely with estate and probate attorneys, trustees, beneficiaries, real estate agents, and escrow officers. Jerry keenly understands the legal and due diligence process of selling Probate and Trust properties, and deftly navigates his clients through each delicate phase.

Moreover, Jerry has compassion for all parties involved and readily gains their trust and confidence because he strives to understand each person — their interests and goals, and where they are psychologically and emotionally at each phase. For example, Jerry instinctively and proactively facilitates communication between heirs and their advocating attorneys with the objective of achieving the greater good for all. He listens carefully to identify areas of common ground on which a mutually agreeable strategy can be designed to command a higher selling price or a reduction in costs, ultimately resulting in increased benefits and returns for everyone. In short, Jerry builds consensus for a much better outcome.


To help increase the value and appeal of Probate and Trust properties, Jerry offers services not typical in the industry. The following services are offered for the convenience of property sellers: (1) Property Preservation: Securing the property for you. (2) Removal of Unwanted or Unnecessary Items from the Interior and Exterior  to Improve Curb Appeal: Getting rid of the clutter that tends to grow over  time. (3) Landscape Upkeep: Providing a complete yard clean-up and spruce-up. (4) Property Repair and Maintenance: Completing long neglected repairs and upkeep. (5) Estate Sale and Auction: Liquidating inventory to generate cash.


When clients call Jerry's office, they are greeted by a courteous and responsive team member who is vested in providing them with current and accurate information. Our motto: "If we don't know the answer or have it at our fingertips, we find it and get it to you post haste." When taking on a client, Jerry is committed to earning their trust and confidence with his honesty, integrity, resourcefulness, and intuitive problem-solving mindset. With his experience, negotiation and interpersonal skills, tools, resources, and resolve, Jerry has a reputation of over-delivering and selling properties at premium prices for his clients.

Our mission is to delight our clients and earn their referrals.

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Team Member

Lisa Arturo, Transaction Coordinator

Lisa is a licensed real estate agent. Prior to entering the real estate field, Lisa spent 20 years in the corporate world managing large insurance clients in the healthcare industry. Lisa understands the importance of client satisfaction and attention to detail and brings her 20 years of corporate experience to every transaction she handles.

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