Your Trusted Referral Partner

As a trusted advisor, you’re always looking out for your client’s best interests. Partnering with Attorneys such as yourself is why I’ve specialized my Real Estate services exclusively on Probate and Trust properties.

We both know that selling a property in probate comes with its own special circumstances and challenges.

Family Matters

We often see there are multiple grieving heirs with different, sometimes hidden, agendas regarding the sale of the property. We’ve even had to smooth over old family feuds that surface when there’s a property sale. This tends to occur more often in blended families where stepchildren and other relatives are involved.

It takes special skills and an intangible finesse to navigate these choppy waters and get the property sold in a timely manner at the highest price.

Leave the Mess to Us

Too often the property has not been maintained or update to 21st century standards making the sale impossible. If sold in its current condition, it would be at below market value. Getting the property secured, trash removed and renovated, if necessary, is a big part of our selling services. We get the property in the best condition to generate the highest possible sale price.

We’ve got you covered

Our specialized expertise spans several years in the Probate and Trust Properties sales. Simply put, that means we have acquired the knowledge necessary to seamlessly partner with you complying with State Requirements. You don’t need to “educate” my team on the legal requirements for a specific Probate sale.

Our goal is to have your client be so delighted with the seamless sale of their Probate Property that they send you 3-5 additional referrals.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly via phone 310-901-5726

or e-mail with any and all pending questions or concerns regarding the anticipated sale of Probate Properties.