The Last Frontier of Specialization

One of the last specialization frontiers involves the sale of Real Property during a Probate or Family Trust case. It’s complicated is an understatement when a Probate, Trust or Conservator property needs to be sold as part of the case.

Outsourcing the Real Estate portion of the case to a specialist Realtor Broker isn’t much different than referring clients to a specialized attorney when needed. You wouldn’t expect an estate planning or family trust attorney to be the right fit for a business litigation case.

No matter how wise an attorney you may be or how many years you’ve practiced, you often refer to other legal specialties. You trust that they have invested considerable years learning the complexities of their particular legal specialty. In the same way a property sale due to a sudden death requires specialized knowledge.

The sale can be full of surprises generalized residential realtors may be unprepared to handle. The legal ramifications require that specialized knowledge and a sensitivity to the particular situation. Blended families or a sibling living in the property who refuses to sell is a bigger headache than the average real estate transaction.

Factors the require expertise during an unplanned sale are:

  • Vigilance in contacting Title and Escrow and communicating the needs required for the probate or trust property to close.
  • Tracking the Appraisal Expiration date provided by the Referee Appraiser so that when the property is ready to close the Probate, the case is not delayed by an expired appraisal.

Jerry Friedman, has, through his constantly upgrading his specialized Probate Trust education, acquired the technical expertise to manage the necessary steps to complete the sale of Probate, and Trust Property in a timely manner.

Find out more about how Jerry partners with attorneys and their clients to relieve Real Property Sales Stresses. He’ll even buy the coffee for a 20 minute sit down at your office.

Partnering with Attorneys to Relieve Real Property Stress

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